Welcome to the magical world of Tartabù!

Tartabù is a young cheerful turtle, who loves the sea and enjoy the life.
A festive sparkling character, with a great imagination!
His home is the Baia Holiday Camping Village and his friends are all the guests, young and old, who come to visit him every summer.
He goes for a walk with a nice coloured hat and, instead of the usual turtle shell, he has a colorful backpack full of bizarre ideas for funny games!
Around his neck he has a fairy jewel that gives him infinite magical powers.

What are you waiting for?
Come and meet Tartabù at Baia Holiday … get ready to experience fantastic adventures!

Listen here to the official theme “Baia Tribù”

“Vieni a giocare con noi e vedrai
scoprirai un mondo magico…
non ti annoierai, sicuro!
Un posto divertente, la gioia è travolgente,
è il mondo di Tartabù fatto di felicità, libertà, giochi e tanta allegria
ma cosa aspetti? Dai! vieni a giocare con noi!”