Reason Covid19 Cancellation Assurance

“BAIA HOLIDAY R-ASSICURA” with maximum flexibility without penalties and exclusions Booking Cancellation

In bookings confirmed by the opening date of the Camping Village and covered by the Safe Travel Guarantee, we guarantee, free of charge, the total amount paid by you, within the limits established, without penalties and exclusions. The guarantee allows you to use the total amount paid for a new booking to be made by 31.12.2022. In case of reimbursement with insurance, the amount of the deductible and the penalties applied are guaranteed without limits.

The guarantee is active:
Up to the day of your arrival in case of cancellations resulting from the following COVID issues:
• area of ​​stay and / or residence identified as a risk area (orange or red zone alert issued by the reference authorities of the country of origin)
• closure of the booked facility

The value you paid (also through the use of vouchers) will be guaranteed based on the maximum covered by the Travel Safe Guarantee by issuing a voucher dedicated to you. For the naval ticket office, please refer to the conditions of the specific company.

Travel Safe Guarantee

We invite you to download and read the following documentation carefully