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Camping near Trieste

A magnificent view on Sistiana Bay and the Gulf of Trieste

Trieste is a special destination for those who love mountains and want also to enjoy a spectacular view of the sea. Trieste is a city with a deep culture in between the rugged carsic land and the Adriatic Sea. Italian Heart of Central Europe, surrounded by the scents of Mediterranean vegetation and forever fresh and pure air.
The beauties of Trieste, located in the bright Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region, inspired great writers and poets such as James Joyce, Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba. The various and extensive architectural styles of the buildings in Trieste, ranging from Neoclassical to Liberty, through the Eclectic to the Baroque, donate the city a unique appearance where the heritage of the Roman buildings and the eighteenth-century Habsburgic style palaces live harmoniously one close to the other. Under the shadow of this beautiful architecture, the Triestini (people from Triest) love to meet in one of the numerous historical cafes characterized by their Viennese style interiors that inspired literary authors from all over the world. In nice weather, “going to the beach” in Trieste becames the main city attraction. There are numerous bathing establishments, precisely called “bagni” that populate the beaches of Trieste.

True oasis of relaxation and fun between the city and the sea. The natural wonders are the hidden secret of the surroundings of Trieste. Do not miss a visit to Baia Sistiana, where you can admire the white cliffs dropping into the sea, offering a stunning view of the Gulf of Trieste. Camping Village Marepineta, which confines with the famous Rilke Path is the perfect base for walking into nature and discover the Natural Reserve of Duino Cliffs, on which rises the eponymous castle full of history and legends to be discovered, perhaps with the help of one of the many guided tours. The beaches of the Bay of Sistiana are among the most beautiful in the region, where you can sunbathe in peace and quiet, or dive in the clean, clear waters. There are countless places to visit in this part of the territory, among these the most notable the “Grotta Gigante”, which has won its place in the Guinness Book of Records for being the largest touristic cave in the world.

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Camping Village Mare Pineta
Friuli Venezia Giulia – Italy

Camping Village Mare Pineta is located in Duino Aurisina, overlooking the splendid Bay of Sistiana, in a unique panoramic position on the Gulf of Trieste. From the tables of the Rilke bar overlooking the homonymous path, a suggestive walk overlooking the sea, you can admire a splendid view of the Gulf of Trieste.

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The weather in Trieste

The climate of Trieste is partly Mediterranean, the city of Trieste enjoys a mild climate with not too cold winter, and warm but not hot summer. It is the sea the factor that mainly effects the climate of Trieste and its coasts, giving Mediterranean Sea character. The coasts of the Gulf of Trieste, includ the beaches of Sistiana Bay are suitable for children of all ages.

The cuisine of Trieste

The cuisine of Trieste is certainly a very rich and varied cuisine, presents many dishes of meat and fish, thanks to its closeness to the sea. It has many international effects, in fact there are dishes derived from the gastro-culture of Austrian, Slovenian, Croatian and Hungarian. Particularly important in the cuisine of Trieste, the first courses are mostly consisting of soups (called Minestre), various kinds of dumplings (called Gnocchi), some rice or risotto and stuffed pasta. Offers varied and high-quality of sweets and wines.