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For holidays in the Kvarner region

Croatia is an ideal destination for those who love the holidays between the sea and the mountains, surrounded by nature and green lush. A stone’s throw from Italy, Croatia is only a couple of hours by car or camper from Northern Italy and is easily accessible thanks to its airports as in Rijeka (or better known as Fiume) or in Mali Lošinj.
The Quarnero region on the archipelago of KrK, is particularly popular thanks to the beauty of its many islands, among these the island of Lošinj, island of ancient traditions and fishing culture, favored by the warm Mediterranean climate, which ensures pleasant temperatures throughout the whole year.

The Island of Lošinj, where Camping Village Poljana is located, is able to satisfy any needs of its guests thanks to the high quality of service, innovation and creativity of tour operators who have their point of hospitality force. On the most popular destination of Croatia, the island of Lošinj you can perform various activities such as hiking through spectacular nature trails, or relax thanks to aromatherapy what offered in high quality by professionals who work with love for their craft. The typical cuisine of the archipelago KrK, and specifically of Lošinj, is characterized by a particular care for the traditional rich flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean cusine, all made by hand using the ancient techniques. Strong flavors that evoke the smells of the sea and its fruits, where you can enjoy a wide variety of fish and shellfish, not to mention the famous shrimps from Quarnero, considered by critics as the best in the world. Or a tasty Granchi Rossi (red crubs), who occupy the first place among the specialties of Croatia. You cannot miss as a destination the sea side of the beautiful Opatija (Abbazia), which runs over 12km on one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean sea, appreciated throughout the year by thousands of tourists who can enjoy a beautiful sunset on the crystal clear Croatian sea. The lovers of wild nature, will find in the mountains behind Opatija, unspoiled forests where they can see many giant eagles, wolves and bears. Those who prefer to venture out to sea, you can easily come across numerous examples of dolphins, which live permanently on the island of KrK.


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Camping Village Poljana

The Camping Village Poljana on the Island of Lošinj (Kvarner Archipelago), also called “Island of Wellness and vitality”,with 200 days of sushine a year, is surrounded by a crystal clear sea on both sides, and boasts a little private harbour MARINA. A few kilometers awayfrom the charming and characteristic village of Lusinpiccolo or Mali Losinj, you will find an exceptional natural context, accessible by bike, or simply walking on the esplanade, A seafood restaurant with terrace overlooking the sea, lounge bar with shaded verandas, beach with beach volleyball court and sun loungers rental and many exclusive services await you at the Poljana… for an unforgettable holiday!

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The weather in Croatia

On the Adriatic coast the climate is Mediterranean: lots of sunshine, pleasant temperature (even sea water does not fall below 20 ° C) and only few rainfalls. In general, there are no excessive heat periods, but sometimes in high season maximum temperatures exceed 35 ° C. The rest seasons are classic for a holiday in Croatia, especially in the Mediterranean coastal area. The strongest wind that blows on the island of Lošinj is called Bora, there are also the winds called Sirocco and the refreshing Mistral. Thanks to its privileged position the effects of the wind Bora is minimal in Mali Lošinj.

The flavors of the island of Lošinj

The Croatian cuisine is full of flavors and aromas, Mediterranean dishes prepared on a traditional way. Oily and white fish, shellfish, seafood, lamb from the island, home-made pasta are just some of the ingredients of the cuisine of Croatia. We suggest you enjoy the crab, real delicacy of Croatia. You cannot miss to taste the local sweets, cakes, and the inimitable Croatian citrus marmalades.