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What is a Baia Holiday vacation?
Nature first of all.

Respect for the environment is very important to us. Baia Holiday has always been careful to preserve the natural heritage of the areas where the structures reside. This is why our actions in favor of sustainability are a lot and vary.

Energy saving

Each new edification is designed at low environmental impact, with new eco-friendly technologies, photovoltaic systems and other small great details that contribute to preserving the approval of the environment.

Photovoltaic panels
Electric vehicles
Water recovery

Maintenance and respect

Baia Holiday accommodation solutions are all designed to enter harmony with nature. Within each tourist structure the separate collection and biodegradable materials are a conscious choice: the rule, and never the exception.

Electric vehicle recharge columns
Eco-sustainable materials
Eco-friendly systems

Investments and innovation

Our consumer awareness and plastic-free activities are numerous. We are also inclined towards full digitization which will allow us to reduce printed materials. Because our commitment sees a future with a green heart.

Native plants and green carem
Separate collection and recycling
Low environmental impact products
Plastic free initiatives

Trees and plants

censites and cared for in the Baia Holiday facilities

photovoltaic panels

We favor renewable energies, transforming the energy of the sun into electricity every day

3,687 tons
Recycled waste

Tons total reusable materials, intended for recycling: RSU, plastic, organic waste and paper

electric vehicles

For increasingly clean air we use only electric vehicles for travel, both for guests and staff

4 stations
charging for electric vehicles

Towards a more green future: charging columns for electric vehicles installed in the Baia Holiday structures

2.3 million
of CO2 kg

Kilograms of carbon dioxide absorbed by vegetation present in the Baia Holiday structures