A holiday for a green future

Nature is an integral part of the experience for Baia Holiday, and all Baia Holiday Staff is committed to protect the Nature every day. But great goals are achieved with teamwork. Together we can do better. And more.
This is the reason of existence of the project “Be Green”, an initiative focused to the well-being of people as same as well-being of the environment. For a better future.

Our commitment together!

Choosing a holiday with BAIA, you become part of our community and you can participate directly to our green initiatives.
It is not just a sustainable contribution, but a new way of conceiving the holiday, with concrete actions that contribute to safeguarding the Earth.
Your commitment will be added to the BAIA HOLIDAY ’s important continuous investments to counterweight the impact, not only in tourism, but also on the territory and environment.

Our holidays, our planet, our contribution

Every holiday has an environmental impact, but together we can do something to reduce it!
To safeguard and preserve the magnificent habitat of the naturalistic areas, in which our structures are located, we have introduced the “Environmental Contribution“: it is added to the total amount of the stay and is entirely intended to finance actions for environmental sustainability.


Respect for the environment is vital to us at BAIA HOLIDAY and preserving the natural heritage is no longer an option, but a duty.
This is why we combine innovative projects involving infrastructure with small individual daily gestures.

Trees and plants

censites and cared for in the Baia Holiday facilities

photovoltaic panels

We favor renewable energies, transforming the energy of the sun into electricity every day

3,687 tons
Recycled waste

Tons total reusable materials, intended for recycling: RSU, plastic, organic waste and paper

electric vehicles

For increasingly clean air we use only electric vehicles for travel, both for guests and staff

4 stations
charging for electric vehicles

Towards a more green future: charging columns for electric vehicles installed in the Baia Holiday structures

2.3 million
of CO2 kg

Kilograms of carbon dioxide absorbed by vegetation present in the Baia Holiday structures



Particular design of new structures to avoid energy dispersion.
Each new building is designed with a low environmental impact, with new eco-compatible technologies, photovoltaic systems and other great little details that help reduce harmful emissions.

Photovoltaic panels

Electric vehicles

Water recycling

Maintenance and respect

Attention to the environment remains constant even after the construction.
Baia Holiday ‘s accommodation solutions are all designed to fit in harmony with nature. Within each property, separate waste collection and biodegradable materials are a conscious choice. They are the rule, not the exception.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Eco-sustainable materials

Separate collection and recycling

Plastic-free initiatives

Native plants and green care

Investments and innovation

We dedicate resources to continuous improvement of materials and technologies.
Our consumer awareness and plastic-free activities are numerous. We are also inclined towards full digitization which will allow us to reduce printed materials. Because our commitment sees a future with a green heart.


Low environmental impact products

Eco-friendly systems