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Over 1840sqm of wellness

Panta Rei Spa – A Nature base Spa

We always draw inspiration from the nature surrounding us when it comes to create relaxing spaces for our guests. Nature is also the main source behind the realization of our brand new Panta Rei Spa, a wellness oasis inside Camping Village Cavallino, facing the blue sea of Cavallino Treporti, one of the most uncontaminated spots of the Northern Adriatic Sea. Safe Spaces and the perfect balance between mind and body peace are the keys to total relaxation.

Wellness Entertainment
We developed new innovative events that turns the Spa into a fascinating sensorial experience. The nowadays trend, the “do it yourself” approach, used in other Spas leaves the guests without the guidance of a proper expert, leading to mistakes that can compromise the effectiveness of experiences such as steam baths and saunas. Wellness Entertainment is our wellness philosophy based on a step-by-step approach: we welcome you and accompany you through every activity. Our Wellness Guide will be by your side during your comfort journey

Biokern Presentation The collaboration with Biokern comes from the need to take care of the body’s internal beauty, purification and protection with Beauty elixirs and supplements without chemical additives. They’re exclusively made of organic Arabic gum, rhizomes and vegetal extracts. Every elixir is paired with a specific ritual that will give you maximum relief and satisfy your needs.

“Perfect for a complete journey into wellness, it will make you shine…drop after drop”

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